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    The Princess of Nebraska Afdah
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    English, Mandarin
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    Li Ling, Brian Danforth, Minghua Tan, Zhi Hao Li, Hiep Thi Le, Djinn Ong, Roxy Ong, Finn Carlito Ong, Jay Patumanoan, Jason W. Wong

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Synopsis The Princess of Nebraska Full Movie on Afdah
Decisions and reality. Sasha is a young woman from Beijing, studying in Nebraska. She flies to the Bay Area and meets up with friends, including Boshen, a gay man who was the lover of Yang, a member of Beijing's Opera who got Sasha pregnant four months before. She's made an appointment at a clinic for the next day. Boshen thinks he, she, Yang, and the baby can be a family. After a contentious dinner, Sasha meets X, a call girl on her way to a party with older men. Sasha goes too. Later, Sasha asks X to travel the world with her. Reality awaits the next day. As the annual St. Stupid's Day Parade passes by, Boshen accompanies Sasha to the clinic. What will she decide?

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