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    Zombies from Outer Space Afdah
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    German, English
  • Stars:
    Judith Gorgass, Florian Kiml, Siegfried Foster, David Scharschmidt, Vlasto Peyitch, Guido Böhm, Michael Preiss, Günther Brenner, Edward Froschauer, Klaus Tissler

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Synopsis Zombies from Outer Space Full Movie on Afdah
Bavaria in the late fifties. Someday the life of Maria, a young girl, changes all of a sudden when she finds the body of a woman. The scientist Dr. Robert Hoelzlein and the American Captain John Welles, deployed in Bavaria, are commissioned to solve the apparently obvious murder case. But trouble seems inevitable, as both are interested in beautiful Maria. From now on horrible discoveries of dead women increase in the neighborhood as well as mysterious sightings of unidentified flying objects spread fear and mistrust among the villagers. While inspecting a crop circle the Captain finds a dead alien and during an autopsy the scientist comes to a terrifying conclusion. Too late he discovers the connection between the corpses and the UFOs. Before he can alert the population the undead aliens rise from their tombs underneath the crop circles to extinguish humanity. Will Robert and John overcome their rivalry and finally kick some alien-zombie ass?

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